Friday, December 11, 2009

Planning Jane Austen Tour

So myself and my annoying - I mean lovely and helpful - husband are planning a tour of Jane Austen country for the first week of January. I am very very excited about this and am going all nerdy. I found myself searching for "empire line dresses" on eBay just a couple of hours ago....

I'm having difficulty, though, in explaining to hubbie why I want to spend most of our short time (three days) in Bath. He can't quite grasp the point that I intend to set my next book in Bath, and need to have some bloody idea of the geography of the place - plus, I intend to spend half a day in the Jane Austen museum alone!

And also, is it really too much to want to stay in a Georgian townhouse while I'm there?

Apparently, yes.

Himself has a business account with Travelodge, so it is to this illustrious establishment that we shall repair. Poof go my fantasies of elegant cream teas in a formal drawing room by a roaring fire. Tea-and-coffee-making facilities a lá Bill Bailey await me instead. I shall just have to fantasize that I am in the town of ---, changing the horses at a substandard inn.

Off I go to pack a couple of walking dresses and my best pelisse.

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