Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am greatly indebted to Ann at Inkpots 'n' Quills for kindly and graciously giving me this award. I'm quite sure I don't deserve it. Really. As though I would ever be "creative" in my blogging...


But I digress. In receiving this award, I am obliged to post six untruths about myself, plus one half-truth; and you, the reader, get to guess which one is the half-truth.

Then I nominate six other blogs to receive the award, and they must in turn post six untruths/one half truth. And so on.

Without further ado, my nominees are:

And *drumroll, fanfare* here are my untruths/half truth. Have fun guessing! Answers in the comments, pur-lease.

1. I pride myself on being a good Catholic. I attend confession at least once per fortnight, and receive the Eucharist weekly.

2. I'm really quite sporty. I swim long-distance, used to ride competitively, and am big into orienteering.

3. I once won the Lotto (Irish National Lottery) jackpot.

4. I take great pride in my personal appearance, especially in the area of grooming. My eyebrows are threaded, my moustache electrolosys-ded, and my bikini area waxed, regularly and without fail. There is no excuse for neglecting these basics.

5. I am allergic to peanuts.

6. My home reflects my OCD tendencies - it is perpetually neat, I cannot bear for it to be any other way. I'll prioritise cleaning and tidying over anything else.

7. I have secretly always wanted to be an actress.

Right, there you go. *Sings* "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things is not quite the same...."


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  2. 1 - untruth
    2 - untruth
    3 - untruth
    4 - untruth
    5 - semi truth
    6 - untruth
    7 - untruth

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi Jane
    I would love to think you have won the lotto but I am going to go with the actress one, You are so good at getting into character with your Jane Austen characters, it has to be true,

  4. Thank you, first of all, although I think I've revealed enough..! :)

    I think 6 might be the semi-truth, as I know you've tweeted about your OCD tendencies... but if it's 3, can I borrow a fiver? ;)

  5. Excellent guesses so far, keep them coming!

    I'm saying nowt about nowt until... oh, I haven't decided yet. Until Twitter has recovered and I know all the nominees have seen their award, prolly.

  6. Oooh, I reckon it is the Lotto one. Because winning it might only mean winning a fiver...therefore, a half truth? Or I may be overthinking it...

  7. Overthinking it, Ciara! I did say it was the Lotto jackpot...

  8. @mruku can't post a comment for some reason, but thinks the answer is Number 1.

  9. I think number 7.
    or maybe
    Number 2.
    Number 4 makes me blush to contemplate, so I won't.

  10. Argh, I literally just re-read the post and realised it said "jackpot"...gah! In that case I go for No.5!

  11. I was going to say five but I think it might be seven. Hope you had as much fun with this as I did! Happy Mothers Day

  12. OK I'm back in the room, so allow me to elaborate on my choice of option 1.

    I believe this to be the half-truth because the lovely Jane is an atheist. But that doesn't mean she wasn't raised Catholic.

    There is a prize for this right?

  13. Oh, dear dear dear. Dear dear dear dear dear.

    Mr Uku, nice try but really no. I was "raised" Catholic after a fashion, but was never a good Catholic, even before I formally defected from the church. Nice try, but no.

    Ok all, the correct answer is.... drumroll maestro...

    Number 3!

    Yes, it's true, I did once win the Lotto jackpot. Sadly, I didn't win it for myself, hence the half-truth.

    I used to work weekends in a shop back in the early days of the Lotto, when I was the only one who could handle that new-fangled temperamental machine. As a result, I was on Lotto duty every Saturday, when the entire town would queue for their turn.

    My next door neighbour asked me to input her numbers manually, which I hated, but did; getting one number wrong in the process. She wanted to change it but that would have meant rebooting the blasted machine, which took 5 minutes, with a queue out the door. Instead, I persuaded her that the mistake was "for luck".

    Happy enough, she left the shop, went home and promptly won. My mother, who bought her ticket from me about 10 mins later, still hasn't forgiven me.

    I finally had to leave that job because I used to get pestered in my small town every time I walked down the street, with people running up and rubbing my arm "for luck"...

    As to those of you who thought I wanted to be an actress, bless. Remember the social phobia? ;)

  14. I should sooooo get points for choosing the Lotto story! My reasoning was incorrect but my instincts were on fire...(Can you tell I'm competitive?)

  15. Can I rub your arm..pleeeeaaase!!! :)