Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jane Austen's Fight Club

We all have opinions and impressions of the new fashion for beefing up Jane Austen's works with the addition of zombies, vampires, sea monsters and murders. Some love it, some loathe it; some can't understand why Jane Austen and her works still inspire so much interest. There are those who think it sacrilege to have zombies shambling through Meryton, and others who can't stand the fact that there are frocks and frock coats amidst their violence.

Whatever your opinion, there's no denying that this is the trend of the moment. So without further ado, I give you the height of silliness - Jane Austen's Fight Club.

What do you think of the current craze?


  1. While I'm not much for the addition of zombies and such to JA, I must admit that the Fight Club video made me laugh. I don't particularly want to read a novel about it, but a five minute video was amusing.

  2. I think I'm with you on that, Jennifer! :)

  3. Well it is always good to see a different perspective on classic literature, although zombies are a step too far. (Do you refer to Hugh Grant in Sense & Sensibility?)

    Love your blog.

  4. I don't like zombies period. I wasn't able to view the video, so I can't comment. I hope poor old Mr. Collins is not engaging in any fisty cuffs.
    Inkpots n' Quills

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  6. I personally love re-imaginings of classic stories. Stranger the better, for the simple fact they're so funny! Love that fight club video, can't wait to see if anything comes of that.

    And, well, I've always been a fan of zombies, so a zombie invasion of pride and prejudice was like christmas for me.

  7. This is an hilarious subject, and as will all hilarious subjects, I believe it deserves its day in the sun. I'm not really one to run out and read one of these ditties, but I would watch it on film, so...there's that.

    I say why not?

    Jane Austen's Fight Club- I'm laughing at this, great concept.

  8. As a rule I barf at JA sequels but" Lost In Austen"has just been released in the USA,I could change my mind:) crazy4ja

  9. Zombie Jane Austen is 235 today!

    Happy Birthday Jane, please don't eat my brain!! :)