Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seven Writers, Seven Sentences

It's times like this that I realise that I don't have a general, all-purpose blog...

Oh well. 

My lovely Twitter friend @Mariam_Kobras tagged me in a thing. Normally I avoid those tagging things like the plague, but this one intrigued me. Mariam wrote: "Seven writers are invited to copy and paste 7 sentences, starting from line 7, on page 77 of their WIP."

Now, since I finally finished the first draft of my WIP last week (a mere two years after getting the idea and starting to write), I thought that it would do me no harm to through a tiny morsel of it out there, put it under the magnifying glass and see just how shit it actually is. 

So, here goes: 7 sentences from page 77, starting from line 7 of Capricorn, book one of the Zodiac trilogy, a paranormal YA romance.  

'...And he wasn’t lying to be cruel, but to protect the kids here at the centre. It’s hard enough being a Capricorn without finding out that some of the other kids haven’t made it.’
‘Some of the other kids?’ I asked sharply. ‘Tell me honestly, Andy; have any of the Capricorns made it? Survived past, you know – ‘ I blushed scarlet – ‘puberty?’
The following silence rang with unspoken truth. Andy couldn’t meet my eyes.
‘Oh god,’ I said, wheeling myself away from him, needing to escape. ‘Oh god, oh god – I’m going to die!’

I rather like the fact that that excerpt ended so dramatically! Serendipitous, I guess :) 

Anyway, in turn I'm tagging seven other writers with the same challenge. No pressure guys, do it if you feel like it. My seven are: 



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